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(Steffi Jeraldo & Aaron Tomashefsky)

Lips sweeter than Tupelo honey

Taste so good
I can't stay away
I'm hooked on your love like a junkie But I'm never gonna quit this drug

And I can't get enough of your


Sugar high
Feel it when I'm with you
Every time I'm near you
I'm up so high
I'm tall enough to touch the moon in the sky

Pulse racing
Heart pounding
Head's spinning around and around and

The rush when I'm with you is like a
Sugar high

Like blueberry wine on a Friday

Could sip you all night
And when I get drunk on your smile


So high, I'm on top of the world
So high, I'm invincible
So high, I'm never coming down cus

Nothing beats this
Sugar high
Baby I’m up so high



(Steffi Jeraldo & Sean Trainor)

You look like you're ready to run
To the arms of someone new
But you're still holding your tongue
You wait for the right time to
Speak to me
But I don't want you to leave


So I'm doing cartwheels
Spinning round, upside down
All around in my head
Bend my back, blue and black
Losing track of what's real
I already know how you feel
But those are the words I can't hear
So I'm doing cartwheels

Back when we had nothing to lose
We pack up and left what felt safe
When things hit the fan
You gave up and ran away from me
Oh you caved so easily


They say all is fair in love and war
But you never fought for us at all
Have you really thought this through
Until you do
I’ll be doing cartwheels


I already know how you feel but
I can't walk away from what's real
So I'm doing cartwheels



(Steffi Jeraldo, Sean Trainor & Tolan Shaw)


Built this up
Did the work
Ran the risk of getting hurt
Highs so high
Made us blind
But we were so unsteady in hindsight



You didn’t leave me bitter
But you left me with a splinter
Buried under my skin
With I could forget you but you’re stuck in my head

And I feel you every time move
I can’t shake the thought of you
I swear I’m not bitter
But you left me with a splinter
You left me with a splinter


Raised up walls
On solid ground
One trace of you tears them down
It’s not black and white
Who’s wrong who’s right
It’s nobody’s fault,
There is nothing at all that could keep us alive



The way you saw the best of me
Those nights when I could barely breathe
All the little things, stay buried in
But I don’t mind the sting




(Steffi Jeraldo, Cierra Trainor & Sean Trainor)

You've been running circles in your mind
Tossing turning running out time
I know that lonesome road is trying to lead you far away



Every sinner needs a saint
Even the strongest mountains cave from the weight
Sun comes back around
And the storms will settle down
And I'll be there to catch you if you fall from grace
Every sinner needs a saint


I'm not giving up on you just yet
It looks like you are drowning in regret
And it hurts to see you fade
So lost your mistakes
And it's driving you insane



Waters rising all around
Put your feet on solid ground
One step forward, don't look back I've got your back




(Steffi Jeraldo)

My dearest friend
Oh my heart is heavy
I just pretend
To be fine and happy Your signals mix
Your affection's teasing Just brush it off
Oh it's so confusing

Want so badly
I want you to be mine

You've always been the one
To treat me kindly



So if I said I'm alright
Would you believe me
And if I said it'll take some time
Would you write me a letter
Cus I don't want to wait forever till you figure out
That you're driving me out of my mind
I don't want to wait for you to come around


Your every move
Keeps me second guessing

Subtle and smooth
I can't help but wishing
For you to spell it out
Once and for all
Just rip off that bandaid

And tell me what you want

Want so badly
I want to know for sure

You've always been the one

Who's in control


All I want is some clarity
Move along with some certainty

All I'm longing for is the truth
Oh you act like it's nothing to you



(Steffi Jeraldo, Sean Trainor & Catie Offerman)

She's got a butterfly tattoo

On the back of her neck

Screaming take me home

But they ain't seen nothin yet

She's born from the devil

And washed in blood

Has a soul of a gypsy

She's born to run

Let's nothing stand in her way

Ain't gonna lie here and wait


Ain't some preachers daughter

Muddy water
Sitting on a river
Banking on love to come through

She's like gasoline
Light her up and watch her fly

She's got a wildfire mind

She ain't your typical beauty queen
Breathes out smoke and tastes so sweet
Girls roll their eyes as she walks through the room but

She doesn't care, it don't blow her fuse

She don't take no from nobody

Just watch burn this town


She burns so good
She burn just like she should

When the stars fall out of the sky

She's still glowing




(Steffi Jeraldo, Sean Trainor & Tolan Shaw)

Wrapped in your arms, got a lifetime to kill

We keep getting old but you never will

Give me all your messy days
And give me all your stubborn ways

With you there’s not much can break me


Come take me for granted
Lost in the madness
It won’t change the magic we make
Go have your space
It won’t cause me no pain
I’m yours at the end of the day
We’ll dance our way through all the hard times we face and


Somehow you catch me off guard even now

You take on the demons I can’t live without

Every little thing I need
Make it work so effortlessly
You give me a safe place to land



[Instrumental Bridge]





(Steffi Jeraldo, McKenna Flaherty)

You keep a grip on the clutch
I thought your hand was enough

To get me over the hill
Now I just keep craving more
Fast cars and chasing down storms

But they're temporary highs


Head, head, head is in the backseat
Signs say slow but you keep pushing full speed

Red, red flashing in the rear view
I lost all control the moment I found you
The beating in my chest
Knows I'm about to crash hard
But I'm still riding shotgun

The way you feel in my veins

Won't let you foot hit the brakes

Cus I'll know when I should quit
Reason is shaking its head
But the voices still haven't left
And I'm too scared to be alone with them



Head, head, head, head Head, head, head, head




(Steffi Jeraldo & Sean Trainor)

I never thought I’d be the one to let you go

But lately I’ve been stuck in man show

This moon’s not rolling the tides in

There’s no heat left in the summer wind

I’m too tired of waiting on you again so


I’m already gone
I’m already gone
My bags are packed
If you think I’m coming back

You’re wrong
You can’t pull me along

Cus I’m already gone
And I don’t need you now

I’m better off alone
I’m already gone

Can you give me a reason why I should stay
Cus these games you’re playing are more than I can take

You say that you can feel it when I hurt
But actions they speak louder than words
And I know better than to think you’re gonna change


If you think that someday

You'll find someone
Treat them the same
They’re not gonna stand for it

They won't last that long




(Steffi Jeraldo, Catie Offerman & Sean Trainor)

On paper you're a perfect ten
And everybody's wondering
How I could find a man like you

We fit together in our dreams
We knows the steps in this routine

I don't know what I else I can do


I’m torn between what I want and what I need
There's no science that can prove if we're meant to be

There's no reason, there's no rhyme
Why were hanging by a thread
I'm stuck between my heart and my head

These pieces of the puzzle fit
But I can't seem to picture it
Even though we made all these plans

I know it's hard to understand
You've been nothing but a good man

I don't want these doubt in my hands


I could leave or I could stay
But something gotta change
I want to know a love that takes my breath away



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