Shape shifter and deep diver, Steffi Jeraldo, displays the depths and ever changing colors of her life in the music she writes. Mixing the styles of pop, indie, and folk she crafts songs that hold a space for everyone who listens. It is her grounded lyrics and bittersweet melodies that invite you to sit and find a home in each song she sings.

     Born and raised in Sweden with a Romanian mother and Chilean father, Steffi’s understanding of family was set with open arms. With this love of embracing and including other cultures and lives, she pursued a degree in Songwriting at Berklee College Of Music in 2012. While studying in Boston, the city was shaken when tragedy struck in the 2013 Boston bombing. As a response to this, she wanted to turn that grief into a place of shelter for herself and all who needed it. So she did in the only way she knew how and wrote Song For Boston. Unexpectedly, the song was met with a warm response as SVT, NBC, CBS, and CNN decided to feature it.

     After graduating Berklee College Of Music, Steffi headed for Nashville in 2016 to expand her musical family. By reaching out and collaborating with other musicians she was not only able to deepen the well of her artistry, but also support and write for other artists as well. Drawing from her own diverse background and coupled with the experience she learned from others, Steffi has proven herself to be a true chameleon storyteller as she has written songs that range from K-pop to Country. Thus, in that very same year she got her first cut with country artist, Amy Lynn.

     Today she continues to write for others and herself, while also writing music to pitch for film and TV. Showcasing her talent with great empathy Steffi welcomes all to come share a song with her and hopes they are able to take a little refuge with them when they leave.

-Ian DePriest